Arbor Hills Terms and Conditions

Please ensure you read and fully understand these booking terms and conditions. If anything is unclear, please contact us so we can explain in further detail to avoid any misunderstandings.

Bookings are subject to the following terms and conditions:

Booking & payment:

  • A contract between you and Arbor Hills will come into existence when payment is received, and a booking confirmation is issued showing the confirmed holiday dates. The contract binds you & all the members of your party. It is your responsibility to ensure that all members of your party accept the terms of the contract set out in these terms & conditions of booking. Failure to disclose all relevant information or comply with these terms may lead to termination of the contract & loss of the booking.
  • A non-refundable and transferable 100% deposit of the holiday cost is payable at the time of booking.
  • We strongly advise that you take out comprehensive travel insurance to cover cancellations. If you choose not to, then you accept responsibility for any loss that you may incur due to your cancellation.
  • Your booking will not be cancelled by Arbor Hills except in exceptional circumstances beyond our control. Notification will be given of the cancellation as soon as possible and we will promptly refund all payments made for your holiday. Our liability for cancellation will be limited to payments made to us.
  • Check-in is 4pm. Early check-in is available as an optional extra, subject to availability.
  • Check-out is by 10.30 am on the day of departure, Late check-out is available as an optional extra, subject to availability. (On check-out day, rubbish should be placed in the bag provided and placed outside your cabin).
  • No parties or events – the maximum number of persons using the accommodation at any time must not exceed 4 persons (2 adults and 2 children < 12 years old) and only those listed on the booking form can occupy the property. We reserve the right to terminate the booking without notice and without refund in case of a breach of this condition.
  • We reserve the right to terminate a holiday without compensation where the unreasonable behaviour of the persons named on the booking may impair the enjoyment, comfort, or health of others.
  • Bookings cannot be accepted from persons under eighteen years of age.
  • The owner reserves the right to refuse a booking without giving any reason.
  • Vaping or smoking anywhere inside the premises will result in immediate termination of occupancy and forfeiture of all payments. This must be strictly adhered to, and any damage or extra cleaning caused by smoking will be at the expense of you.
  • Damages and breakages – please treat the facilities & accommodation with due care so that other guests may continue to enjoy them. If you notice something is missing or damaged in your accommodation, please let us know immediately so that we can take the appropriate action. If there has been any damage or breakages during your stay, we would be grateful if you could report them promptly, especially before check-out. The accommodation will be inspected at the end of your stay & you may be charged for any loss or damage.


  • Please lock the doors and close the windows when you leave the property unoccupied.
  • Please make sure you switch off lights, heating, or any electrical appliances when you go out – we’re an eco-friendly holiday home.
  • Please don’t take any bath towels with you to the beach.
  • Arbor Hills reserves the right to make a charge to cover additional cleaning costs if the client leaves the property in an unacceptable condition.
  • Please note that if any keys issued are not returned at the end of your stay, then the cost of replacement locks will be charged to you.
  • The client may in no circumstance re-let or sublet the property, even free of charge.
  • Arbor Hills shall not be liable for any temporary defect or malfunction of any equipment, machinery or appliance in the building, grounds, or hot tub.
  • No compensation will be given for any temporary outage of electricity, gas, water, internet connection or television service.
  • Arbor Hills is not responsible for the loss of any personal belongings or valuables of the guest.
  • All inventory must remain in the property and not be taken to another property.
  • Guests are responsible for the safety and security of their children at all times. Never leave children without adult supervision.
  • Please Park your vehicles in the designated free parking space, ensuring cars do not block access to other properties. Parking is limited to 2 vehicles per pod and guests accept that vehicles are parked at their own risk.
  • Barbecue – please use the designated barbecue utensils and clean the barbecue after use.
  • Candles are not permitted inside the pod.
  • Internet access provided is intended for general use such as email, messaging, social media, and light media streaming. It is not intended or ideally suited for heavy media streaming, online gaming or extensive downloads and uploads.
  • Access to illegal activity or use of the network for illegal activity is prohibited and will be reported to the local authorities.
  • This property is privately owned and is part of a working farm and borders with Whitehead Golf Club, please adhere to all signage and do not access areas that are clearly marked ‘Keep Out’. We expect all guests to enjoy the facilities and treat the property with the same respect that they would with their own home.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to keep their party away from potential hazards associated with livestock.
  • The customer is responsible for checking for any allergy requirements of their group and that the food does not contain those ingredients.
  • Please respect the community and each other and try to keep noise levels to a minimum, especially between 11 pm and 8 am.
  • Antisocial behaviour will not be accepted, and We reserve the right to terminate the booking without notice and without refund in case of a breach of this condition.
  • We or our representatives reserve the right to enter the property at any time to undertake essential maintenance or for inspection purposes.

Hot tub:

  • Abide by the hot tub manufacturer’s instructions as to safe use. These are provided.
  • Please avoid using glass or sharp objects near the hot tub.
  • Do not use the spa after a heavy meal or under the influence of alcohol or sedatives.
  • Shower before entering the water to rinse off creams and makeup.
  • Keep their head above the water in the hot tub.
  • Not exceed 15 minutes’ immersion in the hot tub at a time.
  • Not exceed the maximum number of bathers (one per seat).
  • Seek medical advice before entering the hot tub if they are pregnant, have health problems, or are immunosuppressed.
  • Supervise all children in and around the spa and not allow children under four years of age, or those unable to keep their head above the water level when sitting, in the spa.


We aim to provide a high-quality service in all areas, but we recognise that sometimes things may not go to plan. Your views are important to us, and we take all feedback we receive very seriously. We appreciate all comments as they give us an opportunity to learn and improve. If you have a complaint, please notify us at the time of your stay so that we can rectify it immediately.

We reserve the right to make reasonable amendments or additions to these terms and conditions without notice.

If you have any questions about or T&C please email Arbor Hills at