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Portmuck Harbour

Portmuck is a hidden treasure located on the north easterly point of the Islandmagee Penninsula. A small beach surrounded by a harbour wall that has been enjoyed by families for years. This stunning little port offers hidden views over Muck Island and offers striking walking routes on either side of the harbour.

A perfect place to relax with a swim in the sea or for a leisurely stroll to take in the breath-taking views

Browns Bay

Browns Bay Beach is a beautiful small beach at the top edge of Islandmagee. The horseshoe bay borders this remote rural setting and has exquisite views across the horizon of Scotland as well as the edge of the North Coast. This beach is popular for swimming, windsurfing, paddle boarding, picnics and walking. On the east of the bay is Skenaghan Point, a National Trust property, which has a short walking route past the “Rocking Stone”.

Looking to the North there is a view of the “Maidens Rocks” and their lighthouses out in the North Channel. The path to the West passes the golf course to Ferris Bay which is bounded at the Wester side by Ferris Point where you will find the lighthouse that guides ships into the busy Larne Port.